Dave's Originals Custom Tattoos

369 South Mountain Blvd.(Route309)

Mountaintop, PA 18707

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About Us


Always being an artist, even at a young age Dave knew he needed art in his life. It took a few different jobs utilizing a few diferent canvases for his artwork to find where he belonged. From creating store-front signs to illustrating children's books and eventually to custom paint on motorcycles, Dave was lead into the world of tattooing as a career. You can still find alot of bikes with his custom paint jobs at local bike nights and poker runs. But his passion now lies in helping people find that perfect piece of artwork to convey their own message on their own skin.

The main rule is still about original artwork and tattoos not just being something found on pieces of flash on a wall.

And as most people already know, this shop is family oriented. Dave takes his role of husband and father seriously and as a rule, if his own young daughter can't be there to see what is being tattooed on a client or where they are getting the tattoo, then he doesn't do the tattoo. Having to hide any of his work from his young daughter would defeat the purpose of trying to be a positive role model for her.