Located in The Grouse Hill Complex at

369 South Mountain Blvd. (Route 309)

Mountaintop, Pa 18707


Welcome to Dave's Originals Custom Tattoos website. Sit back, take a break and check out some original artwork using the delicate pallet, skin. Be sure to check out our events page to see when or if we will be visiting your area again soon.

Be sure to check out our FaceBook and InstaGram pages for daily tattoo awesomeness!

Dave's Originals is owned and operated by David Kellmer of MountainTop, PA. By visiting the shop in Mountaintop, Pa, clients can explore portfolios of his recent work, watch him as he tattoos other clients and browse through the large selection of reference material.

But please don't ask for 'flash posters' that you may have seen in other Tattoo Shops. As the title might indicate, all artwork  or tattoos are originals. You shouldn't be walking through a crowd and find 10 other people sporting the exact same design you have. That's just not how we do it here. So bring your ideas or a reference and Dave will be happy to discuss your custom tattoo with you.

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Pennsylvania state law has established age limits for anyone obtaining permanent tattoo work. Anyone age 16 - 17 can obtain a tattoo with parental consent. Parent must be present in the shop to sign appropriate paperwork. Anyone over age 18 can obtain a tattoo with proper ID.